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Capturing the Magic of Summer on Your Paper Shoot!

Capturing the Magic of Summer on Your Paper Shoot!

Summer is our favorite season at Paper Shoot Camera! I mean, it's obvious by our case designs and the filters we create to match that perfect Summer vibe. For example, our classic film filter.... Just take a look at these photos!

It's almost as if we created a more saturated filter that brings out those natural yellows, browns and greens on purpose ;) Another example are these beautiful Summer-themed cases that actually sold out on our site when we launched them last year! 


Paper Shoot Camera is THE Summer camera and if you still need convincing to get one for all your travels and adventures with family and friends, let's get into it a little!

Paper Shoot Camera was made to travel with. It's incredibly lightweight, easy to assemble, even easier to use, and it's also water-resistant. Don't go dunking your camera in a pool anytime soon but it can definitely withstand a spill or two and some splashing around! That's because the interchangeable cases we created are made from crushed rock, making them not only eco-friendly but incredibly durable. We also created it to be incredibly efficient to use with little to no equipment needed to start taking photos. You won't need to lug around lenses and other accessories, unless you want to, and if that's the case, you won't even know they're there because of how small and lightweight they are. 

Unlike disposables, you're photos also won't be destroyed going through security, and you won't have to pay any extra to see them. The SD card insides stores thousands of photos which means extra storage on your phone and taking it out to see your photos is a super easy process!

We also chose to use rechargeable batteries so you won't have to go looking for new batteries each time your camera needs a charge. Just grab your camera and use the USB-C cable that came with your order to plug it into the wall. 

Last but not least, can we take a look at the photos again?? You can't tell me the film-aesthetic we've created for our filters don't make every one of these photos look like they're from a 2000's summer! It's one of those cameras that'll last a lifetime of Summers. No fuss with camera settings, beautiful vintage photos, interchangeable casings, and the best way to capture all that summer has to offer without being too plugged in on social media!