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The Most Unique Christmas Gift of 2021

The Most Unique Christmas Gift of 2021 - Paper Shoot Camera

Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift that's perfect for any of your loved ones, eco-friendly, and incredibly fun?


Meet the Paper Shoot Camera.



This eco-friendly digital camera is the perfect gift for camera and photography-lovers, disposable-lovers, your sustainable loved ones, anyone who could use a little less time on their phones, the young photographers in your circle, and pretty much anyone else!

With so many different styles to choose from, Paper Shoot is guaranteed to have a camera for anyone! If you see two styles you like? No worries - every camera on the website is interchangeable with every single one of our cases, which are only $25! Did someone say stocking stuffers?

The cameras are 16MP with automatic light and exposure adjustment with an aperture of F2.0. They come with four filters (black & white, colour, sepia, and cool tone) and can even take videos and time lapse videos! The photos look just like film or disposable photos without the added cost of developing. Here are a few of our favourite examples from Anna-Maria Cobb.



You can learn how our cameras are eco-friendly in THIS blog post. If you're looking to give a luxury, all-inclusive gift with exclusive cases and accessories, make sure you check out our bundles as well!

Happy Holidays!