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Paper Shoot Camera’s Flash Alternative

Paper Shoot Camera’s Flash Alternative - Paper Shoot Camera

A few draws to disposable cameras come down to a couple things, the film-style photos and the flash feature that allows you to take photos at night. We’ve been working on a way to add this feature to our cameras because we understand the importance of capturing your favorite moments at night, which is why we came out with the ring light!

Our ring light is perfect for capturing photos and bringing out lighter elements in darker settings and environments. There are three settings to change the brightness, you can charge the ring light by using a USB-c cord, and it easily screws onto compatible cases from the website. You don’t have to take the ring light on and off when you’re done using it. It can stay attached to your case and you can still use your camera without turning the ring light on.


So, on top of giving you unlimited film-style pictures and videos, we now have a way for you to take your favorite photos in low-light settings. Check out our other accessories like lenses and function cards on our website at