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Founded on the principles of creativity, design, and sustainability, the Paper Shoot is recognized as one of the unique camera products worldwide. A simplistic digital point-and-shoot, the Paper Shoot combines the aesthetic and experience of film photography with the convenience of digital to provide an unmatched photography experience.

Taken By Paper Shoot

Film-Like Photos

View some of our favourite photos submitted by our customers. All taken with their Paper Shoot Camera.

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How To Use A Paper Shoot Camera

Paper Shoot Cameras are designed to be simple. Our easy one-button system allows anyone to enjoy photography. Read on to learn how to put the camera together, access your photos & take pictures.

Photos / Videos Taken By Paper Shoot

Our film-inspired cameras take videos and time-lapse too! Read on to view some content inspiration, and learn more about what the Paper Shoot Camera can do and best practices.

Our Environmental & Sustainability Impact

Eco-friendliness and sustainability are quickly becoming exponentially important to consumers. In a movement that's absolutely necessary to ensure our resources and protect our earth and its communities, it's not enough to just sell a product anymore.

From the people
From the people
I love my papershoot! I've had for a year and have taken it on many trip and carry it with me everyday! Love the accessories and cases. Great and speedy customer service that are always happy to help when I have questions and issues. Highly recommend
— Julia
From the people
I absolutely love this camera. I took it with me when I visited Los Angeles this past week. The photos turned out stunning. The quality was much better than I was expecting. I loved the anticipation of waiting until I had access to an SD card reader to see the photos.
— Emily
From the people
I’ve had a lot of fun with the camera. It has the same vibe as disposable camera film which I love and the different filters are an amazing feature. I’d really recommend this camera if you like disposable cameras but want to have a more environmentally friendly option or save money in the long run.
— Brenna

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