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The Do's and Don'ts of Using a Paper Shoot Camera

The Do's and Don'ts of Using a Paper Shoot Camera - Paper Shoot Camera

There are many wrong ways to use the Paper Shoot Camera, but there are also many right ways to use it too and we want to highlight a few helpful tips and tricks you might be forgetting about or you might be curious about when it comes to your own Paper Shoot Camera! 


Do: Use high-quality AAA rechargeable batteries! We recommend Bonai or Energizer brand batteries. 

Do: Charge your camera when you're done using it. The camera will let you know when it's time to charge your batteries but you don't want that to be right when you're in the middle of a gorgeous hike or when you're doing a photoshoot and need the camera to last!

Do: Take photos with the sun behind you, not in front of you. It'll light your subject without you having to do a lot of work on your end. Use the elements to your advantage!

Do: Hold still until you hear the shutter sound. Once the first shutter sound has woken up the camera, you can continuously click and take photos right after another. But be sure you're holding still while you take the photos and not moving around with the camera. 

Now for the Don'ts!

Don't: Dunk your camera in water! I know it might be obvious but people ask all the time if the Paper Shoot Camera is waterproof and we tell them it's water-resistant! It can handle a rainy or snowy day or an accidental coffee spill but not sitting under water for a long period of time.

Don't: Use it in low-light settings unless you want a moody or dark photo or unless you're using a ring light! The ring light is the perfect accessory to brighten up any dark environment. It has 3 settings and is easy to screw on and off. 

Don't: Put the SD card inside the camera incorrectly. You might not even be doing this on purpose. When I opened my SD card after I received my order, I didn't realize there was a mini card to slide into the main mini SD card slot. Once I did that, that's when I plugged it into the camera. I took my camera to the beach and didn't realize I wasn't even taking photos correctly because the SD card wasn't put together the right way.

Don't: Expect better photos than the iPhone. We get asked a lot of questions regarding the differences between the camera and your phone and how the Paper Shoot Camera is better than an iPhone and we always say that it's not. And that's ok! It isn't meant to be better, it's meant to be an alternative to film and disposable cameras. The photos give off a film-style vibe and are meant to be a little grainier and lower quality. That's the magic!