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The Perfect Gift for Your Eco-Friendly Loved One

The Perfect Gift for Your Eco-Friendly Loved One - Paper Shoot Camera

Do you have an eco-conscious loved one who's name you haven't crossed off your Christmas list yet? We'd like to nominate the Paper Shoot Camera.

Quickly becoming one of the most popular earth-friendly accessories of 2021, the Paper Shoot is a digital camera created to emulate the look and experience of disposable and film photography without the developing, waste, or additional costs! They have four filters, take video and time-lapse, and run on SD cards, which means you can take unlimited photos. 

Each camera is made-to-order by a small team making living wages in our home country, Taiwan. Our company has its ROHs compliance, meaning we've eliminated a laundry list of toxic and environmentally-destructive chemicals from our supply chain. The cameras themselves are made with repurposed materials, including recycled smartphone lenses and old recycled paper shoot camera boards! We proudly take back old Paper Shoot Cameras and recycle them into fresh, new ones to decrease landfill volume and e-waste. By using rechargeable batteries, which we always recommend, the cameras will last years without the need for added costs or additional battery waste. 

The cameras are vegan and our stone paper cases are even biodegradable! They're made from a highly durable material called stone paper, which is composed of organic limestone and pressed minerals. It uses less energy to create than traditional paper, is more durable, is water-proof, and uses no trees or water to create! 

If you're looking at our bundles, those are a great option as well! Our premium cases are made from recycled wood, brass, and fibreglass. Our Think and Shoot Cameras are even made with real leaves!

The cameras are perfect eco-friendly and digital alternatives to disposable or film cameras and are a wonderful way to get off our phones and capture memories! 

Whatever camera you end up picking for your loved one, they're sure to love it!


PHOTO BY: Anna Maria Cobb